We find the minds that make your strategies real

Recruitment & Selection Service

TOPEXE offers to be your business partner with our candidates recruitment and selection service for open positions within your company. Our search method allows us to identify people that matches the report provided by your company and have the minds that can make your strategies real.

We are experts in our field and passionate about our work. We have the processes and tools to attract highly qualified and/or specialized candidates for top, middle, administrative and operational management positions.

In case of executives, we assure you a 30-day guarantee to make a replacement of the hired candidate, free of charge, if necessary.
We always bring together the ideal mind with the perfect company... ALWAYS!

In executive positions (non-operational), We are so sure to achieve this in the first three executives that, if not, you will receive a 10% discount at the time of success-fee. Request information at our number (+52) 55 6439 3764, WhatsApp , email, or form

See Terms and Conditions of service.
TOPEXE is a specialist in operational positions for the industrial sector and with procedures and executives appointed for it.
TOPEXE offers its services remotely through various technologies that allow efficiency, immediacy, and time and money savings to companies, executives, and TOPEXE However, we continue to offer our services in person and at the request of our clients.

Our Success Process

Throughout the process we maintain open communication with you (as our business partners) and the candidates to inform the status of each step.
Position Specification
We analyze and define with you the report specifying the relevant position, skills and experience, and finally the compensation.
Search for Candidates
We search for candidates who comply with the report through a wide variety of sources, including the TOPEXE database, to identify and attract those who are closest to the report.
Selection and Evaluation
We contact the candidates to interview them (describing your company and position), carry out an evaluation of the interested ones and choose those appropriate.
We present to the company interested candidates who fully comply with the request for their selection.
We present a compensation proposal to the selected candidate to negotiate and close the deal with the ideal mind.
Job Start Date Coordination
We define together with you and the candidate the official date the job starts, coordinate its implementation and supervise that it occurs optimally.
One month after the job started, we conduct an evaluation about the degree of satisfaction of both you and the candidate. With this, we improve the quality of our service.
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