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TOPEXE is a boutique human capital consulting agency for top, middle, and administrative management executives search and placement in Mexico and abroad.

It provides services to companies that request candidates to fulfill the strategic positions and to executives that require to be placed in positions in companies that request their profiles.

Business Partner

TOPEXE maintains an explicit link of strategic business partner of companies and personalized advisor of executive, where it provides constant, accurate, and mainly documented communication throughout all processes.
TOPEXE seeks to support their growth to achieve a solid, lasting, and total commitment bond.

Executive Leadership

Jose Carlos Garcia Martinez | TOPEXE\s Managing Director
Jose Carlos Garcia Martinez | TOPEXE\s Managing Director
TOPEXE's Managing Director project is Mr. Jose Carlos Garcia Martinez. He has 20 years of experience in human resources, since he has worked within human capital occupying key positions and carrying out activities that allow him a deep knowledge of this universe, as well as the avenues to follow to achieve results.
He has a natural instinct to:
  1. interact as an advisor defining real and tangible profiles and needs for the positions to be covered and place executives in the ideal company and position,
  2. find, evaluate and identify candidates with the right minds (even specialized) behind the individual, his experience, knowledge and skills to propose them to clients to make their strategies real and
  3. achieve very short response times until placing the ideal candidate.
His education in administration is the foundation in his vision and way of operating, seeking administrative methodologies that enhance the efficiency and control of his work. He is a totally customer-oriented man and his essence is to interact with respect, communication, commitment, humane treatment, and sensitivity that guarantee long-term successful relationships.


Mr. José Carlos Garcia Martinez has been interviewed in various forums and media. Below we present the latest and all are in Spanish.
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Mr. José Carlos Garcia Martinez has participated in several virtual conferences for the Municipality of Lima in relation to the “Effective Time Management ”. Below we present the certificate that they kindly granted.
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